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La Crociona is located along the road that connects Montalcino to the magnificent Sant'Antimo Abbey in Castelnuovo dell'Abate. Montalcino owes almost everything to it´s forest including the name "Monte Ilcinus" (Mount Ilcinus) and its coat of arms (a holm oak on six reddish mountains). The name is mentioned in the manuscript as sub Monte Lucinii in 814, Montalcino in 1181 and Monte Ilcino in 1214.

Located at 564 meters above sea level between the valleys Ombrone in the North-West, Orcia to the South and Asso to the East, Montalcino has an extension of 24,000 hectares (ACRES). The territory is part of  Parco Artistico Naturale e Culturale della Val d'Orcia  (http://www.parcodellavaldorcia.com/en/parcob.asp) that since 2005 has been registered as a UNESCO World Heritage and is world famous for its excellent wines, among which the renowned the Brunello di Montalcino and Rosso di Montalcino.

The Abbey of Sant'Antimo is a marvelous architectural complex situated 9 km from Montalcino. According to legend, the Abbey was built on an ancient votive chapel built by Charlemagne in 781 AD, all though the construction is dated in the years between 1000 and 1118.

The Abbey, with prominent French influence, is one of the most significant architectural remains of the Romanesque period. Constructed in local travertine and onyx alabaster the Abbey reveals its eminence in the external apse formed by radial chapels, in the long interior corridor, as well as in the capitals decorated with geometric and floral motifs and illustrations of animals among which one stands out: Daniel depicted in the lions' den, is attributed to the so-called Master of Cabestany.


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Un ringraziamento ai molti nostri clienti che con le loro recensioni collocano La Crociona nel 10% dei migliori Agriturismo in Toscana.


Agriturismo La Crociona
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