Our friends

Our friends: When we started this work, we immediately realized the extraordinary relationship that you create when comunicating with people from all over the world.


The desire to find a common language that allows us to understand each other regardless of origins become very strong and it is so that our passion for the precious wines of Montalcino and the Tuscan cuisine, shared without distinction between wine lovers, our guests at La Crociona or simply enthusiasts passing by visiting the new winery, has created a world language comprehensible to everyone. A bond that continues over time even when, once back home, our guests write to us or send us souvenir photo and so making us participants of their joys and the most important moments of their lives.


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Un ringraziamento ai molti nostri clienti che con le loro recensioni collocano La Crociona nel 10% dei migliori Agriturismo in Toscana.


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